Bean selection is the most important part of the Home Coffee Roasting process since is it impossible to make a good cup of coffee with bad beans.  Bean selection falls into two areas: Selecting the right grade of bean, and choosing the right regional flavor.

Selecting the Right Type and Grade of Bean

Depending on your sensitivity to price, your preferred roasting method, and the amount of effort you are willing to spend inspecting beans, the "optimal" type of bean can vary greatly.  Here's everything you need to know to choose the perfect bean for you.

Choosing the Right Regional Flavor

The distinctive flavors of Arabica beans from each of the world's 4 primary growing regions offer nearly endless options, but as with fine wine, the flavors are truly optimized when they match the drinker's palette and are properly paired with specific foods, roast levels, and brewing methods.  Read our complete guide to find the best beans for you!

COMING SOON!  Check back with us, the complete guide is being updated and will be republished shortly!


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